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Payne Consulting, Inc.
Our Background

Many prospective clients are interested in the background of a firm. On this page we will describe our firm's history.

Our History

For the past nine years we have been involved with the growing need for workable CMMS solutions to our client's often times complex needs. We have found over this period of time that, by methods of standardization and observation of good engineering and preventative maintenance procedures, we have been able to find or create solutions to some rather unusual situations. Aboard ships at sea, in total security lock-down areas of correctional institutions, in operating rooms, and in classrooms and laboratories of hopitals and educational institutions we have been able to work around unusual maintenance schedules and come up with working solutions to these problems.
We are able to do this because we have some very well qualified, senior engineers that have devoted their talents and efforts to this enterprise.
We started out with two employees/owners and have grown to include a staff that consists of engineers, computer software/hardware professionals, and, quite frankly, some really good data entry folks.
We are proud to have been able to incorporate in the wonderful state of Nevada.

Our firm has enjoyed great success, and we will continue to grow into the future.

Payne Consulting, Inc. 618 High Crest Drive McKinney, TX 75070 214.924.8037